Best Digital Marketing Tools In 2019

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As a digital marketer we have used 100s of tools in executing digital marketing strategies. And in this competitive market – smart marketers who have access to the best tools WINS.

Tools save a lot of time & money if you know the right tools. In this article we’re sharing the tools that will make your life easy.

  1. WordPress – For creating website

  2. ClickFunnels – For creating funnels & landing pages

  3. Google Keyword Planner – For keyword research

  4. GoDaddy – For buying domain name

  5. Hostgator – For getting hosting your website

  6. Canva – For creating graphics/social media posts online

  7. MailShake – For cold email outreach

  8. Hootsuite/Buffer – For social media automation

  9. Oberlo – For drop shipping automation with Aliexpress

  10. ActiveCampaign – For email automation

  11. SEMRush – For SEO research & reverse engineering

  12. Screenflow – For recording screen

  13. Paypal – For receiving payment

  14. Stripe – For receiving payment

  15. Google Analytics – For tracking analytics on your website

  16. Hotjar – For heat map & user recording on your website

  17. Zapier – For apps automation

  18. Shopify – For creating an e-commerce store

  19. Gumroad/Teachable/Kajabi – For creating & uploading courses

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